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Background information on Planning Commission

UPSC background on setting new planning commission institution niti aayog
  1. Planning Commission was constituted in pursuance of an announcement
    made by the Finance Minister in the Budget Speech on 28th February, 1950 by
    means of a Government of India Resolution. The Resolution, inter alia, mandated
    the Commission to strive to further the principles of policy enshrined in Article
    39 of the Constitution (Directive Principles of State Policy). A copy of the
    Resolution is at Annexure-I.
  2. The roles and responsibilities of the Planning Commission were subsequently included in the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961 (framed under Article 77 (3) of the Constitution) whereby Entry 49 relates to Planning Commission and lists over a dozen functions and charge of attached offices of UIDAI and National Rainfed Area Authority, Economic Advisory Council and Institute of Applied Manpower Research. A copy of the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961 is at Annexure-II. Current structure of Planning Commission
  3. The present structure places the Planning Commission with the Prime Minister as Chairman, a Minister in charge to transact its business and a Deputy Chairman with Cabinet rank and full time Members of MOS rank and a “Full” Planning Commission with Cabinet Ministers as ex-officio Members.

Note on Restructuring Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs)

see in page 16 of the below pdf.

A Background Note on Gadgil-Mukherjee Formula for distribution of Normal Central Assistance for State Plans

Prior to the Fourth Five Year Plan, the allocation of Normal Central Assistance (NCA) to the State Plans was based on schematic pattern and there was no definite formula for allocation. In view of the general demand for an objective and transparent formula for allocation of Normal Central Assistance for State Plans, a formula known as Gadgil Formula was evolved in 1969, which was adopted in its original form for the distribution of Central Plan assistance during Fourth and Fifth Five Year Plans.
This formula was modified in 1980 and the modified formula became the basis of allocation of Normal Central Plan assistance to States in Sixth and Seventh Five Year Plans. The formula was again revised in 1990 and formed the basis for the allocation of Central assistance for 1991-92 only. Following representations, the formula was further revised in 1991. The Gadgil Formula (1991) has been in operation since the Eighth Plan period. However for comparison purposes all the 4 formulae with criterion and weight in respect of distribution among General
Category States are given at the see page 11 of the following pdf.


PLANNING COMMISSION (YOJANA AYOG) see page 10 of the above pdf.



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