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It doesn’t make sense for Govt – there is no need to mince words – APTF

APTF has a complete set of demands for their hundred days of the protest movement.

Fitment in the 11th PRC should be granted not less than 27%. All vacant teaching posts should be filled. Compassionate appointments should be given to the family members of teachers who died of Corona.

Provident Fund APGLIDA dues, accrued leave, medical reimbursement bills, past arrears etc. should be paid immediately. PF facilities should be provided to municipal teachers, DDO powers should be given to principals, and transfers of teachers should be undertaken. ITDA Pandit posts should be updated and teachers should be transferred. Gurukula Societies should abolish outsourcing contract procedures in Model Schools KGBVs. All societies should be merged into the education department.

Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation should be given membership in Joint Stop Council. APTF calls for a 100-day movement to fulfil demands to solve problems. The condition of the teachers in the state has become unbearable and all the existing problems have not been solved, new problems are emerging.

Apart from collective issues, hundreds of individual issues are also pending. As all the processes like representations, pleas etc. did not yield results, the teaching world was in an inevitable situation of learning the way of struggle. Three years have passed since the YSRCP government was formed in Andhra state. In the last three years, the problems of teachers and employees have not been solved.

We have never seen such a plight in the past. This government has been acting with an anti-job attitude since its formation. However, it has been mixed during the Corona period. However, the government, which complained to the teachers that there is no web counselling in the context of the transfer of teachers in 2021, did not accept the wishes of the teachers.

In the matter of PRC implementation, the employees have been deceived in a way that has never happened in history and they have tried to believe that this is a better PRC by giving them less fitness than any other government. It is a misdemeanour that anyone who has granted the long-delayed five drought allowances and announced that this is a better PRC should be employed. In the field of education, the school system which has been going on for decades has been brought to the fore and brought to the fore under the name of the National Education Policy.

Even though the National Education Policy clearly states that schools should not be desegregated, schools are being desegregated regardless of what intellectuals, educationists and teachers’ unions say. The process of moving the three, four and five classes of the primary school where the Dalit communities studied to the neighbouring village has started.

By next year, almost no village will have three, four or five classes. Teachers should stop this dangerous attempt with public cooperation. Similarly, the statement that where there should be two middle schools, there will be only one medium is more worrying. Backward students who are unable to receive English medium are at risk of losing the opportunity to continue their studies in Telugu medium. The Telugu medium is being brought to the attic without even considering the orders of the High Court.

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