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Parents & Students: How to Look at Life, Education and How to Choose a Life Destination – Master Minds Mohan

In this video readers will find A speech by master minds mohan on Suicides Education system, Life ...etc.

When a friend or loved one is struggling with chronic depression or is going through a particularly tough time in life, they may be thinking of taking their own lives. Suicide isn’t something that should be taken lightly and we know that sending a loved one some suicide quotes or suicide prevention quotes won’t be enough to take the pain away completely.

But, it will let them know you’re thinking of them, and that alone is sometimes enough. If your loved one has expressed that they are taking their own lives, maybe suggest some free resources along with your suicide prevention quotes. Some that come to mind are online therapy services like Talk Space and Better Help. Or you could simply offer a little bit of kindness like offering to cook your friend dinner that night or taking them out for a cup of coffee.

It’s not wrong if you miss once, but if you miss again and again, it’s wrong, and It’s differently not a mistake it’s Choice. and it doesn’t mean that we are useless, we have to think and analyze our selves for perfection. if achieve in one thing then try for another, but choose wisely and think wisely, and Should not waste time.

Non can achieve nothing with suicide, and If some one attempts suicide then that suicide tendency will also attracts the siblings,

Please Watch the Complete Speech in Following Video:

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About Master Minds: CA.M.S.N.Mohan, CA.M.Radha and CA.M.S.S.Prakash are the founders of MASTER MINDS. When they were in C.A.Foundation they recognised the need for a good coaching institute for CA where all the subjects can be taught under one roof. All of them qualified C.A.Foundation in the first attempt and started teaching all the subjects of C.A.Foundation.

Thus, they entered into teaching profession at such an early age. As the strength of students started increasing, they started a coaching centre at sambasivapet with just 30 students. After 3 years (in 2002) all of them qualified CA Final and established MASTER MINDS.

In the beginning, they conducted the classes in a small campus located at 3/9 Brodipet with the strength of just 105 students and immediately the strength turned about 600 because of their relentless efforts. In this way, the college campus was shifted to their own multi storied building which has been constructed in fully equipped manner in the heart of the city surrounded by pleasant atmosphere.

By finding the need of establishing junior college, exclusively for CA oriented branches like MEC & CEC, they have established junior college too with e minent faculty of Guntur and proved themselves what they are, by securing State 1st rank in the 1st batch itself. Now the strength of MEC/CEC courses is approximately 150+ sections. Now the admissions of the college are around 20,000 (approx). Now it has become the Pride of India, by securing 1st Rank for 33 times.

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