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Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of seven sins

Discuss Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of seven sins (Civil Services Examination 2016)

Mahatma Gandhi a great political, social and moral preacher has asked people to refrain from committing following seven sins. Politics without Principle Political office should be used to alleviate the miseries of people. Using political office for power, money and self-aggrandisement is a sin. Business without MoralityBusiness should not merely be done for profit. The singular focus on profit is a great sin which will lead to depletion and deterioration of resources and inflict severe pain to mankind. For example, during natural disaster people selling water bottle for Z100 can be considered as a sin. Wealth without Work If one earns without work she/he will never understand the value of labour and also might use her/his wealth in an unscrupulous way. Pleasure without Conscience Happiness that is earned at the expense of others is no less than a sin. A person’s selfishness forces him to neglect the interest of others. Knowledge without CharacterCharacter imbibes qualities of integrity and honesty in a knowledgeable person. Knowledge without character can make a person like Osama Bin Laden While knowledge along with character can make him like Dr Kalam. Science without Humanity All scientific innovation should be used for the welfare of people. If human and humanity is not the central concern of science then it can wreak havoc. For example. Agent Orange, nuclear weapon, ills of social media. Religion without sacrifice religion today has been reduced to mere practice of rituals. Not bringing the essence of compassion, affection and brotherhood in our lives is a sin.

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