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What is Caligynephobia? symptoms of Caligynephobia?

What is Caligynephobia: Caligynephobia, otherwise known as Venustraphobia or simply Gynephobia, is the abnormal fear of beautiful women. Sure, many men can become intimidated by gorgeous girls, and men are not the only ones who suffer from this phobia, but this condition takes intimidation to the extreme.

The symptoms of Caligynephobia? Symptoms of Caligynephobia can vary from person to person, depending on the extent of the fear, the individual’s characteristics, and mental status at the time of the stimulus (ex. an attractive woman walking past). However, Caligynephobia, as a whole, does have symptoms to look out for. To begin with, individuals may suffer social problems in relation to Caligynephobia. For instance, people with this phobia may have a tough time being around (i.e. feeling uncomfortable, nervous, etc.) or even speak to a beautiful woman. What causes Caligynephobia? Just as is the case with symptoms, Caligynephobia can be caused by a wide variety of things. Most often trauma is the cause of any phobia. Caligynephobia can come about from, for example, failed relationships. These can cause a mistrust in beautiful women, which could then develop into a fear of or phobia of them.

Gynephobia (fear of women), less specifically, can be caused by failed relationships, romantic friendships, childhood abuse by an older female, etc. Furthermore, issues with confidence and self-esteem may also result in a fear of beautiful women. People who do not view themselves as attractive, well off, etc. will often see beautiful women as being above them. They expect rejection and avoid its source; beautiful women, which causes extreme fear. Of course, these are not the only causes of Caligynephobia. Phobias can be just freak conditions that happen for no reason. Again, they are called irrational for a reason.

Oftentimes, there is no real purpose, cause, or justification for them. How does one treat Caligynephobia? Treatments for phobias can also vary from one person to the next. It cannot be stressed enough that phobias are a psychologically-based condition. Therefore, since not everyone’s psyche is exactly the same, not every treatment will work all of the time. However, there are some common treatment options that people can choose. General treatment options for phobias include shock or exposure therapy (a gradual exposure and desensitization to the stimulus), medications (ex. anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, sedatives, beta-blockers, etc.), and cognitive behavioural therapy (learning to cope with fear or the stimulus).

Other treatment options, more specifically for Caligynephobia, include group therapy, social outings (which also goes along the line of exposure therapy), increased activity in dating life, self-esteem-boosting activities, practising social interactions, etc. Medications and relaxation techniques can also be helpful for the treatment of panic attacks and symptoms. So again, Caligynephobia stemmed from many different situations, which is the irrational fear of beautiful women.

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