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English Compulsory Paper UPSC Mains & syllabus & Previous year question papers

English Compulsory Paper UPSC Mains & syllabus & Previous year question papers-min

Another UPSC qualifying Paper for MAINS is English , this paper is common for all.

UPSC mains English obligatory paper/UPSC mains English mandatory paper schedule

The UPSC common administrations principle test comprises of 9 papers out of which one is the English language paper. This paper is necessary and is of qualifying nature. The imprints acquired in this paper won’t be meant your last positioning.

The primary targets of the English paper are:

To survey a competitor’s capacity to peruse and comprehend genuine enlightening writing.

To survey a competitor’s capacity to communicate his/her thoughts accurately and obviously.

A ton of competitors (who don’t extravagant themselves as having great English) stress superfluously for this paper. Recall that you don’t need to talk or realize the Queen’s English to clear this paper. The inquiries posed in this paper will be of registration or equal norm. Simply look over your punctuation and make it a training to peruse routinely. That will assist you with social affair a decent jargon and assist you with scoring at any rate the base needed to breeze through this test which is 75 out of an aggregate of 300. Given underneath is the English inquiry paper design for the UPSC common administrations primary test alongside test questions:

UPSC mains English necessary paper prospectus: according to the UPSC notice, the schedule for the English language paper will be of registration or equal norm.

Simply say that “The aim of the paper is to test the candidate’s ability to read and understand serious discursive prose, and to express his ideas clearly and correctly in English/Indian language concerned.

The pattern of questions would be broadly as follows :-

i. Comprehension of given passages. ii. Precis Writing . iii. Usage and Vocabulary iv. Short Essay i. Comprehension of given passages. ii. Precis Writing. iii. Usage and Vocabulary. iv. Short Essay v. Translation from English to the Indian language and vice-versa. Indian Languages Note 1: The Papers on Indian languages and English will be of Matriculation or equivalent standard and will be of qualifying nature only. The marks obtained in these papers will not be counted for ranking. Note 2: The candidates will have to answer the English and Indian Languages papers in English and the respective Indian language (except where the translation is involved).

Previous Year Question Papers of 2016 to 19.





Tips for writing :- Choose your topic wisely. Read more essays to get more ideas. Have a proper structure for your essay. There should be an introduction, body and conclusion. Use active voice rather than passive wherever possible. This makes your essay more gripping. Use diverse vocabulary and avoid repeating words. Have a positive and pleasing tone. Use appropriate quotes as it shows your erudition.

Tips for answering the comprehension question: – You have to understand everything written in the passage; just the gist would do. Read the question well and look for the answer. Underline keywords while you read the passage. Stick to answers which you can find in the passage. Do not infer your conclusion from the passage. The importance of increasing your vocabulary cannot be stressed enough. So, improve your vocabulary and up your chances of understanding the passage better. Practice solving comprehension passages as practice makes perfect


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